Designing for Equality • Brand strategy, identity, and collateral design

At Agency, I was very proud to be able to pitch a brand concept for the Marriage Equality campaign. The concept was designed around the simple symbol combining both an 'equals' symbol, and a call to action - #yes. A call to vote #yes in a plebiscite, and to say #yes to Marriage Equality in every setting.

To extend the brand, we created a series of patterns, drawn from relevant symbols - the arrow and cross for each gender, rings for marriage, and hearts for love. They can be substituted into the logo for variety, or used as brand elements throughout collateral designs.

In addition, the logo can accomodate variations for relevant actions - becoming #vote yes, or #why yes as the situation demands. A flexible and equal design to say #yes in every way.

The #yes brand avoided using rainbow colours, to appeal to people who are not traditionally supporters of Marriage Equality, to encourage them to think about the campaign in a new way.
The main brand symbol can be varied with the substitution of different patterns, to represent rings, hearts, or gender symbols.
The campaign symbol can also be represented by two people standing together, holding an 'equals' sign for equality.
The campaign name can adapt to different circumstances - whether to answer questions with #why yes, or to encourage people to #vote yes.
The campaign symbol can also be easily made with your hands, and extends to a digital easily.
The brand style can easily extend into a range of digital executions.