Convincing Greenpeace to destroy the Great Barrier Reef • Campaign concept, design and TVC

Greenpeace needed a new campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef - one that would gain enough high-profile global support to convince the United Nations environmental authority UNESCO to step in and help.

Our campaign asked the world to 'Take Another Look', and see past the glossy tourist images to the striking damage below.

We created a unique digital platform that allowed people to see that damage, then bring the reef back to life by supporting the campaign. As people filled out their petition to UNESCO, animated coral in the background revitalised in real time, showing the impact of their action.

Through our spot with Gotye and online social campaign, we picked up support from big names like William Shatner, Mark Ruffalo, Missy Higgins, and Lucy Lawless. We saw 20,000 submissions to UNESCO on just the first day - later rising to over 198,000, from 197 countries, in 16 languages.

And most importantly, UNESCO acted - placing the Australian Government on probation in order to protect the reef.

Celebrities got straight behind the message on social media, getting the word out to the world and driving people to the petition site. Reflecting the spot, the coral on the petition site was animated, and swayed in the water, gradually coming back to life as each petition field was filled.
Social content focused on unexpected facts, surprising viewers and prompting them to 'Take Another Look' at our oceans, and driving them to the petition platform.
Vulcana's Women Circus' performed in Federation Square in support of the campaign, with their specially choreographed 'Take Another Look' Performance