Making YLAB more • Brand strategy, brand design

YLAB works to bring youth into politics, volunteering, consumerism, education, business, community resilience, service provision, market innovation, and economic development - giving them the power to change the world in partnership with organisations that need a fresh perspective.

Despite their ground-breaking and youth-focused agenda, their brand didn't reflect the energy and excitement they have for changing the world. They wanted to bring an extra dimension to their existing brand to liven things up a little. We added design styles, textures, and animations for a crazy collection of design elements that you can't ignore.

Their existing brand (above) was elegant and modern, and the new style needed to integrate with their more corporate communications. The old and new palettes (left and right below) work together for more energy in the designs.

A library of textures and type treatments can be used in both static and moving executions.

I also created a series of custom artworks for the brand, to celebrate the different skills that participants contribute to the creative process.