React to the Future: Transport for NSW • creative, brand design

Transport for NSW needed to source public feedback on the launch of their 40 year Future Transport Plan - but people aren't fond of reading long government reports, and may struggle to understand the impact of a 40-year-long plan on their day to day lives.

So we decided to make that future real, and bring it into the present. By posting transport stories from 40 years in the future to Facebook, we could grab people's attention, explain how the plan would affect their lives, and find out what they thought about the plan's outcome.

From a crash in Instagram stock caused by drastically shorter commutes, to SpaceX integrating with Opal - when they clicked on a story, people could "React to the Future" with a set of custom Facebook-like reactions, allowing Transport for NSW to collect data on public opinion on key parts of their plan, without forcing anyone to read a long report.

The "Reaction" poster below was designed for an animated metrolite, which would show a person's emotion and "reaction" blossom in slow motion.

The illustrated style was created to allow TfNSW to create infographics and diagrams explaining the Future Transport Plan.

The React roadshow is currently travelling across NSW.