Rethinking child sponsorship • Font design + brand identity

Child Sponsorship has changed a lot over the years - and Baptist World Aid Australia needed a new way to communicate the difference their sponsorship program offers. With a child-centred approach, they work in partnership with children to give both the child and their community the ability to change the world around them for the better.

At Agency, we created a new narrative framework for the Child Sponsorship brand to truly capture the power of that partnership, along with a refreshed brand, and a custom-created font to make it truly their own.

We asked sponsors to ‘Be part of an incredible story’ by sponsoring a child - a story written by the children that BWAA partner with, and the supporters who enable them to succeed. To bring this concept to life, I created the bespoke BWAA font, inspired by children's handwriting. The font also also drew on design elements of their master brand font, allowing the Child Sponsorship brand to sit seamlessly within the wider BWAA identity system, while giving the children that BWAA sponsors their own voice as well.

The custom Baptist World Aid Australia font I created paired with a beautiful set of illustrations by Jen Tuyet, bringing elements of the children's lives to life.