Saving Tigers with Taronga • Brand design, UI/UX
Alongside their new Tiger Trek experience, Taronga Zoo launched a conservation campaign as an integral part of the experience. I created the 'Raise Your Palm' brand, to help them to raise awareness of the devastating effects of unethically sourced palm oil on the environment, and the habitat of the critically endangered Sumatran tigers.

The brand combines a human hand print with a tiger paw print, to show unity and solidarity in protecting our most precious and endangered animals and habitats together.

Alongside the brand, I was happy to advise on the UI and UX of the shopping experience of the Tiger Trek exhibit. We crafted the user journey that informs visitors about the palm oil provenance of their favourite supermarket products - and allows visitors to email companies sourcing palm oil responsibly, or request change from the companies who could do a little better.

I advised on the UI and UX of the shopping experience, and the system by which shoppers could email companies to either thank them, or take action to source their palm oil ethically.