Stop The Clock on budget changes • concept, brand and campaign design

'Stop The Clock' was an online campaign developed for the Campaign for Australian aid (CFAA), a coalition of more than 50 of the country’s leading charities, including Oxfam, World Vision, WWF and Save The Children. The Australian government announced that they were going to cut international aid in the 2016 budget - disrupting key charitable programs around the world.

Showing the time quickly ticking down to the budget announcement, the campaign asked ordinary Australians to help 'Stop the Clock' and put an end to the cuts, by contacting their local MP.

As a result, the campaign succeeded in convincing thousands of ordinary Australians to contact their representatives, and both Labor and the Greens to pledged to reverse the cuts to aid.

The website featured a huge clock counting down to the budget decision - which users could 'stop' by taking action. But when they clicked, they discovered only one person could really stop the clock...
The brand guidelines were rolled out by 50 separate organisations across all campaign collateral.
Tanya Plibersek and the Labor Party pledged to reverse the most recent cuts to Australian Aid.