The Fairness Test • Concepting, and digital and motion design

The Campaign for Australian Aid needed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of cuts to Australia's overseas aid budget on important charity and humanitarian efforts. To attract people who wouldn't normally engage with charity issues, we created 'The Fairness Test'.

The Fairness Test is a distractifying social media campaign and quiz measuring not only your fairness as an individual, but prompting you to think about the impacts of cuts to international aid and development.

At the test's conclusion, users were given an individual Fairness Personality they could share with their friends to raise awareness - and asked to sign up to the Campaign for Australian aid, to support Australia's amazing efforts to provide humanitarian aid, and more fairness all around the world.

Campaign successes:
• 85% completion rate
• 10,000+ new campaign supporters
• AGDA Award Finalist
• Silver Sydney Design Award

Social content was created new every day, to capitalise on controversies in the news in order to drive people to the Fairness Test. There, they could start a fun and fast quiz about what fairness really means.
Starting light, the quiz began with questions about what you thought was fair in day to day life. The questions became more serious as the quiz progressed, prompting users to consider how far their sense of fairness extends.
Each user's answers created their own special 'Fairness Personality' that they could share with friends to promote the campaign - before signing up to support Australian aid's ongoing work.
The quiz had an 85% completion rate, and resulted in more than ten thousand new supporters for the Australian Aid campaign.