The United Nations – Impossible Choices • campaign concept, art direction, design

The UN asked us to promote their first ever World Humanitarian Summit, where world leaders could join with charities and aid organisations to find solutions to our most pressing humanitarian issues.

To do that, we let you walk in the shoes of those in crisis - weaving together refugees' real stories into an interactive, emotive digital narrative. The story is controlled by your decisions when faced with the same impossible choices they were, and Facebook customisation let us populate the story with your friends and family, making each choice and each story infinitely more personal.

With no media spend, we saw over 1 million Impossible Choices made through our campaign, leading people from 131 nations to call on 112 world leaders to attend the summit, and protect those in need.

Facebook customisation allowed the user to bring friends and family into the story. As the story progressed, they were forced to make impossible choices - such as whether to leave behind their mother or husband.
At the conclusion of their story, users were asked to tweet their world leader and encourage them to attend the summit.
Users could then read the real stories of the lives they'd just experienced.